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Our FAQ page is full of common questions we receive about Sunglo, Sunpak and Infratech Outdoor Patio Heaters.  We are pleased to offer this help and promote your help in expanding this feature.  Feel free to email us your question if you do not see the answer you are looking for.  We will only respond to those who request us to do so. (We're in the heating business  see our Privacy Statement)

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Sunpak Sunglo Infratech Gas Connections Your Questions

Sunpak Patio Heater

Will the Sunpak be damaged by rain?

How often should I have my Sunpak Serviced?

Can I turn the heat down on a Sunpak?

Sunglo Patio Heater

How big of an area will the Sunglo heat up?

In an ideal setting (no wind movement) the diameter of radiant heat is 15 feet.  With a slight breeze of 3-4 mph the diameter of infrared heat is decreased as much as 5'.  Stronger wind movement will decrease the heat ray even more until 15 mph at which point the heater is unable to create a comfortable climate.

What maintenance is required on a Sunglo Patio Heater?

Sunglo heaters require minimal servicing.  We recommend to have it looked at least once each year to examine the proper main burner flame, pilot flame, general structural integrity as well as cleaning any carbine build up or debris in and around the burner, its venturi, emitter grid and pilot assembly.  Always replace parts with only OEM supplied items.

Why won't my Sunglo stay lit?

There are two main components that maintain the flow of fuel to the Sunglo heater; 1. The thermocouple.  2. The pilot.  If your thermocouple has gone bad, is loose or out of alignment with the pilot flame, it will not create the energy needed to keep the valve in the open position.  If the pilot flame is under sized, large with bright yellow tips or not burning at all then it must be cleaned or replaced.  A strong blue pilot flame must be maintained in order to allow the thermocouple to generate energy.   

Can I convert my Sunglo from one gas type to another?

With the right parts and a professional repair technician anything can be done.  Unfortunately, the expense will be considerable and finding the right technician might be difficult.  Further more, the manufacturer will not supply a conversion kit for the procedure.

Why is the Sunglo patio heater rusting? 

Most of the Sunglo outdoor patio heater head is made of rust resistant components.  Extreme temperatures are subjected to this equipment.  For example the emitter grid is made of 304 grade Stainless Steel and when heated to well above 1200oF it will turn brown "bluing" is the industry term.  This is not rust.  Other factors such as environment can cause surface rust that can be easily maintained.  Components such as the main burner can flake with time but timely maintenance will improve the life of the equipment. 


Infratech Patio Heater

Aren't electric heaters expensive to operate?

Typically electric heaters are more expensive to operate than Natural Gas units.  With the rising cost of Propane their expenses are about the same.  The GREAT THING about electric units is you have the ability to lower the output by use of the optional analog control.  If it is a windy day or you experience a daily prevailing wind even better, because there are no moving parts or gases exposed to the elements.  The heat output is full every time so in essence more efficient in wind means you are not wasting you operating cost!

Can a electric unit be flush mounted?

Yes,  Infratech produces a flush mount optional kit. 

Types of Gas Connections


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